About us

A registered Staff supply company with our headquarters in Dubai and specialize in Manpower Supply all over GCC Market.

Linkaway is a team of people who work hard to achieve our goals together with a clear shared purpose. We adapt to our constantly changing environment and we are always looking for new ways to improve ourselves.

We are a team of people who love to work hard and play hard. We are passionate about our work and constantly looking for new ways to improve the things we do.

Linkaway brings credibility and professionalism to recruitment agency while helping clients find the ideal candidate organize documents.  


Our vision that by 2024 to Recruit 80000 employees 

We can create a big network so we can LINK  – A – WAY . between business or individuals and workers so both of them can have the right appropriate match . 


Providing our Elite Recruitment services in easy guided steps , clearing all overwhelming Recruitment Process Obstacles , Providing Our Business Clients With Their best ideal Candidate Match.