A registered Staff supply company with our headquarters in Dubai and specialize in Manpower Supply all over GCC Market.

Civil Manpower Supply

The economy of UAE has always been dominated by the oil and gas sector but over the last few years there has been an enormous growth across various other sectors where construction and civil engineering works play an important role. Even though there is a huge demand currently for manpower in the construction industry, it is really tough to get good skilled manpower. This is where Linkaway manpower stands apart from its competitors. We provide both short term and long term labor supply services.

Types of manpower supply which we offer for civil construction are:

Mason Steel

Fixer Carpenter


Riggers Painter

Finishing and Gypsum Carpenters

In the ever growing UAE market, new companies and offices are set up on a daily basis. With Linkaway’s Finishing and Gypsum Carpenters, companies providing Interior and Fit Out solutions can easily take advantage of these situations. Linkaway’s Finishing and Gypsum Carpenters, are well trained and experienced.

Every carpenter of Linkaway displays the following qualities:

Detail Oriented

Ability to read designs

Dexterity with tools

Basic math knowledge

Strength and Stamina

Problem Solving

General Helpers

General Helpers help production workers by performing duties that require less skill, such as supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work areas and equipment. Responsibilities include but not limited to moving material to proper locations; notifying personnel of shipment arrivals; loading parts, materials, and fixtures according to instructions in the process specifications; and reporting and correcting faults with products.

The helpers which we offer are:

General Helper

Logistics Helper

Warehouse Helper

Loading Unloading Helper

Mechanical Helper


Office Boys/Girls

Office Boys/Girls available to join your organization. Our staff is well trained and capable of performing various tasks such as:

keeping files

handling projects

Answering phone calls

taking messages

Providing details to phone callers

office visitors

Monitoring the use of devices within the workplace

Dealing with inquiries from visitors

Coordinating for the maintenance

repair of devices

Assisting management

personnel Collecting

distributing couriers

Helping the staff in doing their responsibilities

Cooperating with staff to maintain a friendly environment

Preparing tea/coffee

Maids And Nannies

The most effective, efficient and economical route to recruit-hire-employ
Maid and Nannies With your Own specifications and free of charges.

We provide all maids and house helpers of various backgrounds: Philippines, Sri Lankans, Indians, Nepali, Africans, Indonesians, etc.

All our Maids are fully trained and experience : we check full medical history, criminal history, references and we provide a 2 year warranty for our contracts. In case you find a house helper not good, we can exchange her ASAP.

Since 2010, Linkaway have set the standard for excellence and have been placing monthly over 120 maids and nannies in the homes of the GCC . We represent fully trained professionals with an exceptional level of skill in domestic Help: Nannies, Maids, Caregivers, Drivers, Cooks, Nurses, Maternity Nurses, Au pairs.

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